unused aged Dutch oak railway sleepers 3

Colour: Silver grey
Description: When a rail company orders 1000's of new oak sleepers, they are graded before creosote treatment. The rejected ones are often put on one side for years. These sleepers may be scalopped, bent, cracked, have bits of decay... They are usually about 20 + Years old.
They look used but are in fact untreated seasoned oak. Suitable for all indoor and outdoor uses, where perfect planed new timber is not wanted. Useful for furniture, beams, fires etc... if you are prepared to put in work planing, and cutting awayany decayed timber.
Can be heavy to lift, Ranging from 150 - 175lb (70 - 80 kilos) Bear this in mind for carrying sleepers into position (e.g. the back of a garden). You'll need at least two people.
Quite hard. You'll need a circular saw / chainsaw / powered saw to cut these railway sleepers.
Attaching / Fixing:
Timberlok will screw through these without a pilot hole, so long as the drill is powerful.

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Dutch reject oak (3) 8' 6" / 2.6m 10" / 250mm 6" / 150mm untreated
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